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Research Quarterly & Publishing Newsletter Redesign

January 2020

Re-design and process optimisation for a quarterly newsletter.

The Deliverables
  • Visual assets for email campaign
  • Standard Operating Proceedure refinement for process optimisation
The Details

Optimising processes through digitalisation is an amazing thing. APIs and digital processes can be powerful tools is properly used.

The aim of this project was not only to re-design the visual aspects of an email campaign, it was also to optimise the process which enables the transformation of the data into the body of an email.

I began by re-designing the existing newsletter so that we could continue publishing manually and in line with the new branding and deisgn language used at INSEAD. Once finished I started disecting and optimising the process that enabled the creation if the emails content. The goal was to go from a simple .csv file (excel) to formatted rich text html.

To fulfill the requirements I used a poerful CMS tool to template the data and create static HTML for use in the emails. Using a CMS for work like this might seem a weird choice, however, this would later-on enable integrations with existing databases through a powerful Rest API - automating the proactive creation of communications assets.

The Result
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The Client
The Business School for The World.

Projects done with INSEAD were completed as part of various internal teams. The projects would not have been possible without close collaboration and a strong team-effort.

The Tools